A Single Bite was born out of two passions coming together.  

 The first passion is supplied by the spiritual legacy of the late Barry Foster who dedicated his life and also his career to empowering, teaching and inspiring children in our community. His love of his town and region.  His unwavering belief that every child represents an opportunity for each of us to make a positive difference.  And his unabashed love.  Barry was dedicated to his community and the children in it regardless of their background.  His sense of pride was manifested through a child growing into a positive and productive member of society.  And he would do everything he could to assist in that endeavor.

The second passion comes from Sims Foster who co-founded Foster Supply Hospitality along with his wife and partner Kirsten Foster.  Sims and Kirsten are building a dynamic small hotel and restaurant company in Western Sullivan County and core to their belief in life and business is "community first".  It was only natural given their passion for food and hospitality that Sims would take his father's teachings and apply it to something tangible and personal.  He would attempt to change the way a kid thinks about food, choice and perhaps life.  One Single Bite at a time.

Food is Love.


What We Do

Our Program

2019 is the fourth year in which our program will be a part of the 8th Grade curriculum at the Livingston Manor Central School.  Working closely with the Food & Nutrition Teacher, we built a 4 part interaction over the course of a school semester in order to provide the 8th grade class with an immersive experience. 

1) This begins with two classes that introduce the concept of Real Food and Fake Food.  And underlines that each of us chooses what we put in our bodies.  We have control.  Along with a Chef from Foster Supply Hospitality we ask the students to take A Single Bite of foods that perhaps they have never tried before.  Trout, Beets, Halloumi, Venison, Squash, Quinoa, Kale.  The list goes on.

There is only one rule.  You must try a Single Bite.  

2) After the first 2 classes we go on our 'first meal' where we take the entire class to one of Foster Supply's restaurants and sit for proper lunch.  When possible we also incorporate a farm tour to make sure that the students cans see where Real Food comes from.

 3) Ultimately we finish with a trip to NYC for a 'second meal' with a celebrity chef who speaks to their experience and passion around food.

Our Objectives
Consciousness -
In a straightforward and non patronizing way introduce children to the idea that food, where it comes from, and how it is delivered to them is an important choice. 

-  Empowerment - 
To give these emerging leaders the permission to think about food, nutrition and the social engagement around eating in a way that proves they can own their own choices.  Let’s make real food cool.

-  Continued Growth -  
To provide a practical and logical toolbox of skills so that these young adults can stay the path of making smart choices around food and eating.