Over the course of our lives, we take millions of bites of food.


The vast majority are not remembered.  In fact any bite that lingers in our memory does so at the percentage rate of a needle in a haystack.  So when it happens and when the memory of a single bite of food stays with us forever it has more power than ever imaginable. 

That memory is not just about a flavor.  It is about a moment.  An entire experience.

Our goal at A Single Bite is to attempt to create a small moment for children and young adults where the memory of the flavor and the experience has the potential to quietly change the trajectory in life of those who participate.  To teach about why good food is important.  To undo the tragic undermining of our heath and food systems that has become status quo in the past 50 years. 

To empower kids to have permission to choose to care and love the foods that they eat. 



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